Flat 104, Birmingham, B17 0QH

Added 17th August 2018

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1. Not enough hot water or heating, severe mould problem too. Okay otherwise

By Hunterkiller - stayed here from 1st October 2013 to 1st May 2015

Alistair Smith is the local property twat who owns all the ex council flats at 100 Ferncliffe Road, Birmingham (B17)

After a few months in our flat the mould crept in to all the bedroom corners and wardrobe... It ended up looking nasty with tendrils all over the corners and window by the bedroom.

Hot water was not great - there was never enough for a bath! And the storage heaters were not powerful enough by far - we were always cold.

Also, there were rats in the communal bins. Great huh?

Owner was quite happy to leave us NO working washing machine for around two weeks - YES, two weeks - while he upgraded the room. We had to go to a launderette... and his replies to emails about this were patronising and arrogant.

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