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1. Rogue student Landlord and mouldy property (Harminder Bilkhu)

By elenhbn - stayed here from 15th September 2017 to 7th August 2018

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Rogue landlord and a professional conman named Harminder Bilkhu. Did not provide gas, electric certificates, or the deposit certificate. When we tried to get him to provide us the gas certificate through the council, turned out he had none and couldn't get one for that boiler. He replaced the boiler with an electric boiler which does not heat up the water in the taps anymore rendering the bath useless.

The house has a major mould and humidity problem. The walls are essentially wet throughout autumn and winter. Living here without hepa filter and dehumidifier poses a serious danger to health. It is also impossible to make the house warm without spending a fortune due to it running on electric heating, and the walls essentially providing no isolation. There is also a security issue with the main door, as anyone can just smash the front glass to get in. Also with there essentially not being any small windows in the house, you are always vulnerable to people trying to break in. There is essentially no hot water in the kitchen, bathroom and bath taps, only mildly warm for a few minutes before it goes completely cold.

He also tried to persuade us to sign a contract on top of ours with the other flat in the house saying we would have had to pay council tax otherwise (we are students). This turned out to be a lie, which he tried to play to make us responsible for any missed payments of our neighbours should they not pay.

Passive aggressive attitude and multiple threats were made towards us throughout our time there. He threatened to evict us as a result of us contacting the council and threatened us with few hundred pound fees for replacing a 30x10cm piece of glass in the door. His inventory contained things not actually located in the apartment, and things which were clearly worn have been stated as new. Our inventory comments were ignored completely. We do not know if we will get our deposit back. We also never received the keys to the garden to get into it from the back of the house, even though we let him know we don't have them.

The contract is awfully one sided and he makes a lot of profit from making the place bills included. He made bills capped at 100 pounds per month, except that within that 100 he capped gas and electricity at 40 pounds, so we were paying 60 pounds for WiFi and water, both shared with the neighbours, and then 40 was never enough in winter months so we had to pay extra on top of the hundred by 20 to 40 pounds per month, even though we were still waking up to 1 degree in our house.

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ChloeHayward said:

Hi, sorry to bother you. My name is Chloe and I work for ITV. I've just seen this view about your landlord, and was wondering if you’d have a minute to have a quick chat with me about it on the phone? If you send me your phone number My number is: 01619521021. Thanks!

on 13th March 2019 at 2:19pm