49 Green Street, Royston, SG8 7BB

Added 3rd August 2018

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1. Negligent Landlord in Royston

By SuperNova - stayed here from 3rd June 2017 to 3rd August 2018

Our landlord has been very slow in response to repairs which resulted in a fire recently. He has also taken over 1 month to perform repairs to our boiler and asked us to use the immersion heater. We did and although the boiler and heater were checked in may, the heater caught fire. The landlord and refused to accept any form of liability for the delays and the resulting fire. He also refuses for fix it for another 14 days. It’s been a horrible experience. Other repairs to the steps which have loose slates also present a hazzard. The response I have received is that he has the right to repair this when he wants and prefers to do it with supplier he knows. His opinion is that these things happen. The disregard for safety and his slow reaction to remedy this and take the necessary steps is both negligent and in breach of our lease agreeement.

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