18 Hillhead Street, Glasgow, G12 8PY

Added 2nd August 2018

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1. Intimidating, invasive landlord

By Salsagirl1410 - stayed here from 2nd June 2015 to 2nd August 2018

McMillan and company advertises itself as a open and friendly rental private company specialized for Erasmus and international students as these including me( from Germany) may find it dificulta to find a place to stay when first arriving in Glasgow due to the requirement of having a UK-based guarantor. The company attracts you with fancy clean rooms and the prospect of an all round service with no requirement for a Uk based guarantor or equivalent. But be aware, once you moved in the nightmare begins. The landlord and owner of the property does not hesitate to come in unanounced throw out your personal belongings without warning, enters your room without prior notice, and bullying those tennants that complain about such a behaviour with comments like "go back to your country" or " move out if you do not wish". I have been never treated that badly in my life with temporarily and without notice being relocated after I come back from holidays and finding my personal kitchen items being thrown out. I sincerely advise anyone who think about renting from this company to decide against doing so.

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