65 Richmond Avenue, London, N1 0LX

Added 30th June 2018

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1. Flat 1, 65 Richmond Avenue: Terrible Experience

By April224 - stayed here from 10th March 2016 to 31st May 2018

Basement flat with no sunlight and very poor ventilation. The door opening to the patio is stuck and the tenants are asked to not open it. Crumbling walls, a huge gaping hole from floor to ceiling in the main wall facing the door. The toilets from the flat above leak often to leave large stains on the ceiling, which was repainted once but continued to surface. Very poor plumbing and electricity fittings. Toilet got blocked frequently and would not flush properly - was rectified after nearly one year. Hot water stopped coming once during the winter and was not restored until a week later. Electricity got disconnected and was restored after 2 days. Frequent infestation of woodlice. No privacy - the landlord and his workers enter the flat whenever they please without prior permission if they think the tenants are not at home. But worst of all was the renting agency - when I moved in, the renting agency had quoted a fee of 330 GBP but ended up taking over a thousand pounds extra from me. I stayed here as it was close to my office and the neighbourhood is lovely but will not recommend it to anyone - the lack of ventilation and sunlight, poor heating, and the horrible experience of being swindled of the amount of a full month's rent - by the renting agency Victorstone while moving in.

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