225 Bradford Road, Pudsey, LS28 6QB

Added 25th June 2018

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1. Terrible House incompetent Landlord

By JoeRadd - stayed here from 6th September 2016 to 25th May 2018

My first problem occurred moving in, the house was filthy and furnished despite renting it unfurnished.

Daniel the landlord told me the letting agent gave him the wrong date so it wasn't ready. I had to spend three days in a hotel because of this for which they refused to pay for.

After Daniel finished cleaning it it was still filthy and required 2 solid days by us to properly clean.

There was a skylight missing covered with tarp.

The boiler half broke, no heating but hot water, the landlord attempted repair himself (he's not qualified) and fully broke it on a Friday evening so no hot water all weekend.

Kitchen light broke and again landlord (not qualified) tried to fix it but somehow wired all downstairs light to the one switch, so all on or all off.

Wooden floors show extensive damage from flooding or leaking, all radiators leak and was promised they'd be replaced, never were.

His garbage is stored in the cellar.

Tried to rip me off for £350 when I moved out saying I damaged already threadbare, soiled smoke damaged 20 year old stairs carpet.

Just avoid this con man

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