Flat 1, Bristol, BS6 7LU

Added 21st June 2018

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1. Good landlord but cold flat and expensive to run.

By Prosser100 - stayed here from 18th November 2017 to 20th June 2018

We’ve really liked some aspects of this flat, but also hated some others.

Bad news first. The whole flat is electric, no gas. In the winter we found the electric storage heaters frustratingly inefficient, it was warm in the morning and day (usually at work) and colder in the evening. The only way to add heat was with electric fan heaters. The cost to run just 3 out of the 5 storage heaters in the flat was up to £100 a month alone, disregarding all other appliances. When we tried to reduce the heating costs, it became a freezing flat to live in. With single glazing and high ceilings in the lounge it was far too cold. A friend even called the flat the ‘ice box’. Also, the flat has an emersion water heater. We had the emersion on all night, and would run out of hot water after two showers and a bit of washing up. We’d regularly have to wait 30 minutes for hot water.

Good news. Free parking right outside the flat. Lounge is big and a nice space. Good location. Landlord was always nice to deal with and pretty receptive.

We’ve been forced to move out by the freezing temperatures and huge runnings costs we experienced in winter.

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