Dunley Lodge, Newton Abbot, TQ13 9PW

Added 12th June 2018

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1. Don't live here

By centreofsound - stayed here from 12th June 2016 to 12th February 2018

Hi there,

I lived here for nearly two years. The broadband is impossibly slow and there is nothing you can do about it. Although the landlords are the daughter and son of the people who live in the same grounds, it is in fact the parents who act like landlords, constantly checking up on what you are doing, proper busy bodies.
I asked if I could plant shrubs, they approved this, so I spent 300 pounds on plants for the garden, three months later they asked me to pull them all out as they thought they might poison the garden.
The worst if the electric gate right next to all the bedroom windows, it clatters open constantly as people drive down to the 'big house' and make you constantly on edge. Also, the tenant is the one who pays for the electric on the gate as it is metered in the house. On top of this, at 5am EVERY morning including Sundays, the paper van comes through it, waking everyone up on the clock, to deliver the big house's newspapers.
When you are out in the garden there is no privacy, the landlords are constantly out there on their ride on mower, and it is just never peaceful or relaxing, even though it looks it from the outside. It looks really pretty but don't be fooled. The road it is on becomes a motorway rat run at 6pm and BOTH my cats were run over, one is now brain damaged, the other has three legs.
The first year I lived there they left asbestos in the kitchen, I was absolutely livid as I asked them if it was asbestos so they sent their bog it builder man over who said it wasn't. A year later it turns out that it was as I insisted on a professional re-check it as so many people had told me it looked like asbestos right over my cooker.
Generally, it was awful experience and really expensive for a crammed small 3 bedroom house with no storage and awful bathrooms. The landlords have completely skimped and left most of it as an 80s house and don't care about their tenants staying long term, they are just greedy, and beware, the landlord neighbour is also an ex-judge and both the husband and wife are extremely condescending. Forget about ever getting fibre broadband. Even though it's next to a housing estate in Bovey it is 2.5 miles from the exchange and on a copper wire and very very slow so no netflix and no gaming for your kids. A horrible place all in all even though it looks pretty from the outside.

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