Flat 2-5, London, W4 4AU

Added 11th June 2018

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1. Doesn’t Like the Law

By Agarith1988 - stayed here from 11th June 2016 to 11th June 2018

Be very cautious about this man and wife Landlord couple. Vincenzo & Silvia Treggiari. They began nice enough, barely heard a peep out of them during the entire tenancy. Then once we began the process of ending our contract everything started. The laminated wooden floor they had chosen to install throughout the whole flat including the kitchen had gained a few oil stains. I couldn’t see a problem with paying for some of that however as the laminate was very thin and damagable, it was going to happen. I offered to pay at least half, he said that was insulting and quoted the whole price was £1000. This included sanding and varnishing a room that had no damage to, so hardly an expense that was required. From that point on we received a harassment level of emails talking about various aspects of moving out. Including a demand for a deposit for the contractor from our own money. Which I’m fairly sure is illegal as all requests for payment are made to the DPS retrospectively. But apparently this was his choice and he desided not to do so. Also if we didn’t pay then he would charge us all the extra rent that he would loose via the new tenants because we slowed up the process. Honestly they are manipulative and dangerous. Do not get conned and let from them, even if the flat is in a good state you will probably loose your whol deposit.

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