33 Queens Way, Feltham, TW13 7NS

Added 27th May 2018

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1. Disgusting excuse of a human being, never rent in her house!

By R.Hens86 - stayed here from 16th February 2018 to 27th May 2018

This was genuinely the worst renting experience of my life.
She seemed the sweetest person when I moved in and her family was very welcoming. i didn't mind a live-in landlord because i thought it'll be a nice family environment.
Things turned sour quite quickly though, as I had minimal freedom (as you do with a live in landlord). They were watching me and entering my room without my permission. When I asked for a key to my room, everything changed. she refused to give me one initially but ultimately accepted. they continued to go into my room whenever they wanted though.
Things culminated about 2 months into me living there, when I told her to keep her cats in one of the rooms overnight because they constantly scratch at my door at 5am to be fed or let out. I get a barrage of texts about everything wrong i've ever done and demands to inspect my room. i tell her she's being petty. and that's when out of nowhere, she barges into my room (me naked as i had just got out of a shower) and starts insulting me and trashing my room. her daughter desperately trying to pull her away. calls me every name under the sun and demands i leave her house immediately. i was only 2 months into a 6 month lease. This is a 50 year old woman. Offended I dared to ask her to keep her cats to herself to the point of risking criminal prosecution for destruction of property.
Please do yourself a favour and NEVER live with a landlord. especially with this mentally unstable loonatic. an absolutely disgusting person.

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