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1. 273B Wimbledon Park Road, Southfields, London

By derekphilipxu - stayed here from 1st June 2016 to 30th April 2018

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This review related to Flat B on the top floor of 273 Wimbledon Park Road. We rented this property for almost two years. It is a decent sized property although old and a bit worn down. It is in need of redecoration, particularly in the bathroom where the tiles are coming away from the walls and the black mold issue has been painted over rather than properly addressed. Nevertheless, it's close proximity to Southfields tube station is attractive and there are plenty supermarkets around and about for day to day needs. However, with the closure of the Natwest branch and the Post Office relocating, Southfields is starting to look a bit tired.

Our landlord lives in South Africa and for the most part just left us to our own devices during the tenancy. It was a short assured tenancy with a two month notice period, although he never registered the deposit with one of the government backed deposit protection schemes. We gave two months notice at the beginning of March 2018 and vacated on 30 April 2018, leaving the apartment as we found it. It was very tidy and clean with no damage. At this point, the landlord became virtually uncommunicative, failing to respond to phone calls and messages. It took two weeks to get our deposit back and even then £300 was deducted for cleaning. No invoice has yet been produced and the landlord hasn't ever mentioned which cleaning company he was going to use. I don't have a problem organising professional cleaners but the landlord should have been more upfront about the costs so we could have agreed in advance or received alternative quotes from a different cleaning company. I was never given that opportunity and, therefore, feel he was somewhat underhand and secretive about all this.

I'm sure there are tenants who have had worse experiences but given the chance to do this all over again, I would probably look elsewhere. The failure to register with the Deposit Protection Scheme, the old appearance of the apartment and the fact that for £1500 per month you can probably get something more modern in the same area is enough to make me feel that this isn't a good deal.

The property is currently being marketed by Haarts in Southfields for £1500 per month plus fees.

29 May 2018: As an update, the landlord, Mr Jeff Brown, still has not provided any documentary evidence as to the cleaning costs (no invoice, quote or anything like that) which makes me continue to feel that this is all very underhand and that prospective tenants should avoid dealing with him if at all possible.

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derekphilipxu said:

As an update, almost one month on and the landlord, Jeff Brown, still has not provided an documentary evidence as to the cleaning costs - no invoices, quotes or anything like that. This continues to strike me as very underhand and I still believe that others should avoid dealing with him if at all possible. Regards, Derek Philip-Xu

on 29th May 2018 at 8:11am