8 Cooper Street, Nuneaton, CV11 4BP

Added 17th May 2014

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1. Waiting for repairs!

By darkestangel32 - stayed here from 19th July 2010 to 16th May 2014

I didn't have to pay a bond or admin fees in 2010 and the landlord accepted housing benefit, BUT the house was in a right state. The second bedroom smelled of dog poo. It took a full week of bleaching the floor boards and walls to get rid of it. My 2 small children were sleeping in that room. There is a hole in the wall above the boiler in the 3rd bedroom so it gets cold even with the heating on. The radiators in the 1st bedroom and front room have never worked and never been repaired. When the boiler broke it took a month to get it fixed. It was -0 outside and he left us freezing for a month. The bath tap broke last summer (2013). We had to wait a month for that to be fixed. We used a hosepipe from the kitchen sink to fill the bath up so I could bath my kids! The grass doesn't grow in the garden, its just mud. The back gate fell off and we were told to fix it ourselves. The gas point for the cooker was capped when we moved in and I had to pay to get it uncapped myself. You also have to pay £15 a year to park in the street, there is a permit scheme in place. No permit = £25 fine everytime you're given a ticket.

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