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1. The Worst Landlord i ever dealt with (all legal evidence is held by myself)

By superstevie - stayed here from 1st February 2011 to 1st June 2017

I am so happy a site like this finally exists, and I can tell the story of the single worst landlord and most uncaring landlord I have ever dealt with.

I will be brief, I still have all case information/case evidence on record if this is ever needed for legal verification!

When I moved in, I was given a list of minor issues that would get fixed.

The house had extreme damp which I was never told about, but started to be noticed very quickly, this was never fixed or even tried to be fixed, no matter the complaints.

The windows did not work properly, something again, not noticed till I moved in. There was a small crack on the kitchen window which he promised he would fix when i moved in but he never did. After months of me complaining, he fixed my bedroom window but never once fixed the kitchen window, I believe it is still like that today.

The damp, at one point, led to the roof of my bedroom (only other room) to fall in, after weeks of me telling him "look at that bulge, its going to collapse" (after being ignored and only getting a response when i said I was going to his home to complain in person). I then had to spend a week with a 2 ft by 2ft square hole in my roof which i had to staple a tarp over to get privacy and not see the upstairs flats BATHROOM!... peter tried to ignore this and only took action when i complained to my local authority and even then, they could only force hi as it affected his HMO.

There were NO SMOKE , FIRE OR CARBON MONOXIDE detectors in the house, I only found this out after there was an accidental fire in my other room, i only found out when the house filled with black smoke. I had to tackle the fire to save me, my dog and the whole building. When I complained to peter mearns about this, and demanded the LEGAL safety featured, he evicted me. I nearly died because of his imcompetance as a landlord, and that was his responce, he evicted me!

He illegally evicted me. I was out for the evening, came back and he had broken in and changed all locks, keeping many things I had not got out the house;

Aberdeen City Council seems to have zero powers to deal with him.
He has operated unlicenced HMO's
He has (on public record) built 'hidden" rooms (hidden behind fake walls) , which are very dangerous, it is on record that one of these was found after a fire, by a check by the fire brigade.

In the end, I was forced to take the case to the PRHP who investigated the property, finding over 10 separate serious offences which technically meant the flat was unlivable. P.M tried to spin my anger as me being abusive and engaged in a campaign of character assassination. On the day of the PRHP hearing, P. means no-showed the PRHP hearing, all my complaints were upheld, my "anger" was found to be completely justified and he was forced to fix the issues. Sadly, I was forcibly evicted before I could verify if he fixed anything, which I seriously doubt he ever did. (if he ever proved it, i would be happy).

I was helped in this case by my MP (Kirsty Blackman, who helped me battle with the council), a legal representative and a representative from Shelter (who attended the PRHP hearing. I have General anxiety dishorder , something p.m knew and tried to use aginst me)

I never was able to claim a penny in compensation as I have no money to take him to court.

So, anyone in Aberdeen, if you see this name on your Rented property be very cautious!

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