164 Brunswick Quay, London, SE16 7PT

Added 3rd April 2018

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1. Negative experience with landlord

By LorenaP - stayed here from 8th July 2017 to 28th February 2018

I was disappointed to see how the landlord has changed his attitude after I signed the contract and paid the deposit.
The property gets very cold during the winter months so I was coming home to 12-14 degrees (even 10 degrees in the cold days) and had to wait two hours until the heating started and it was only on for four hours in the evening and off all night so I was waking up in an extremely cold room. I have asked the landlord to reset the timer, as we were not allowed to turn the heating on when it was needed, but there was a complete lack of understanding. On the contrary, the landlord started to complain that the bills are too high and stopped answering my messages on any topic.
Also as it was my first time renting in UK I didn't know what type of contract to expect so I've found out later that the landlord has given me a lodger contract instead of an AST even though he was not living in the house. I guess the reason was that the lodger contract has a shorter notice period.

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