18 Candlemas Mead, Beaconsfield, HP9 1AP

Added 13th March 2018

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1. The house is a DIY job and barley habitable - complete waste of money, rented out to us by Oakwood Estates

By Alkster - stayed here from 15th November 2017 to 13th March 2018

Moved into the house and we were promised a professional clean - had only been domestically cleaned but we were kind and just agreed we would leave it in the same state as it was in when we moved in even though one of our terms was to have a professional clean, the sink was blocked, there was still food in the cupboards and it had just had a once over domestically, this is where the problems immediatly started. Soon found out the oven was broken and so was the aerial and already was when we moved in so we didnt manage to get this fixed until just before christmas so couldnt cook until then, the aerial is still broken but the property had a sky dish so we jsut got sky anyway. Then we found out that we had a water leak in the bathroom since the first time someone used the bath rather than the shower and this was first reported around the beginning of january, water would leak through the ceiling and down the stairs to under the stairs and has now started to mold along with the house always smelling damp, we have had a plumber come to look at it twice as say to us that the bathroom and pipe work is a complete DIY job and is a mess and both times have just resealed the bath again knowing it will not fix the actual problem, aparently according to the contractor that looks after the house last year the bathroom had the same issue and water was leaking out of the house over the front porch, so they have known about this issue and still rented the property out to us. This is likely to be due to the landlord reluctantly wanting the work to be done to fix it as it may be a big job and knowing they can still find some poor people that could take over the property and suffer for a year. We are yet to have this fixed and even with all the chasing to get this done it still isn't fixed. The next in the list of problems in the short time we have been in the house is in one of the bedroom cupboards theres a big pipe running up through it from downstairs and the ceiling in this cupboard is now black with mold, after looking it over it seems like to make the house look right for the next tenants it has just been painted over, not addressing the actual issue so now we are having to deal with this aswell.

We have been polite and paid all our rents and deposit on time when asked, always reported any faults that have been present since we have moved in straight away and we are getting nowhere so just a warning to anybody out there considering this property in the future.

Tenancy not over yet so lets see what else crops up

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