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1. Utterly disgraceful

By Saffiere - stayed here from 18th August 2016 to 31st December 2017

I rented a bungalow in a rural location which appeared perfect. I used an agent who had been used solely to find a tenant and thereafter you dealt with the landlords.

I was informed by agent and landlord that the previous tenant had been evicted due to non payment of rent,

I moved in and made huge efforts to plant beautiful flower beds, make the property look nice etc. I even bought 3 new windows at my own cost as they were completely gone, but I wanted to enjoy the view and was happy to pay for them.
The satellite fell off the wall and again I replaced the dish and cabling at my cost.

Within a week, I began to receive visits from unsavoury characters who were looking to purchase drugs or trace the previous tenant.
This caused me some distress and so I visited the neighbours and asked them if this was true, they confirmed that the previous tenant had for six years lived and operated/cultivated drugs and that people came at all hours to buy them, they also to,d me that the tenant had been friends a man who was later shot dead by police investigating a murder charge.

Distressed, I spoke to my landlord and she brushed it off.
The visitors continued to come and I began to have trouble sleeping,mother landlord came to see me and I again voiced my concerns, again they brushed them off.
Winter came and the bungalow became a freezing hell hole. I couldn't keep it warm and the electric bills were absolutely huge. The visits continued until the final straw when two men came looking for the tenant and I ended up leaving the property in the middle of the night as I was so fearful.

I contacted the landlady and gave her a month notice I and told her how upset I was that her non disclosure had caused me so much distress.

I told her had she disclosed the facts to me about this property I would never have rented it and that I felt her non disclosure was very unfair,

She instructed the agent again and they are asking me to pay their fees for her plus rental until she gets a new tenant which I feel is entirely unfair as if she had been honest with me I would never have rented it and having to leave had cost me so much money and distress.

This landlord and her father who is wealthy believe they have the absolute right to treat people this way. They denied having spoken to me regarding my concerns which is reprehensible because they both know that we talked about this problem.

I doubt very much they will tell the next tenant either and those people will have to suffer the same distress,

I'm so disheartened that landlords like this exist. They should not be able to profit from their deceit, they are threatening to take all of my large deposit and creating costs that I do not feel I should have to bear.

Truly truly despicable

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