Apartment 5, York, YO31 7TY

Added 8th February 2018

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1. Worst landlord ever. Avoid like the plague

By Muffdee - stayed here from 1st October 2016 to 8th February 2018

Areas convenient for me for work but its right by a main road and quite noisy as a result. Front door to the flats doesn't lock properly so anyone can just walk in. Also convenient for amenities and town but thats the only thing going for it. Area is light industrial and commercial. Also quite a lot of theft from the car park in terms of motorbikes/bicycles/car break ins and no cctv or security.

 Have been renting since 2001 and hands down the worst landlord ive not only rented from but that ive ever even heard of. Has no interest in any of the issues throughout the 2 terms of our tenancy despite repeated requests. one of the light switches is dangerously broken. The shower has been hanging off the wall since we moved in and ive had to try and fix it myself. Pretended to show interest and concern when we first signed but soon became silent. Just wants rent coming in without having to do anything or accept responsibility. Even had a plumbing emergency which was replied to with 'theyre in the yellow pages' overall score 1 because this landlord brings the score down to the lowest humanly possible. Avoid like the plague.

 Flat with a great location but nothing done on the property since it was first built. Every fixture and fitting is the original low quality build and everything has feel of flimsiness. Even the blinds are the original installed when the block was built about 20 years ago. Electrics seems to constantly have issues and the paint job is really bad blotchy plain white. Main entrance in to the flats does not lock properly so anyone can walk in and the mail boxes are right by the door so have been broken in to on more than 1 occasion. Also some crime in the carparks like thefts of bikes and from cars.

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