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Added 8th February 2018

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1. Avoid!

By ronav - stayed here from 18th February 2017 to 17th January 2018

When we moved in, we've been told by the agency that the landlord (who is living downstairs) was about to move, and we "excused" the mess in her house and in the garden. Moving is never easy and takes time, and we understood that.

However, she didn't move at all! She is simply a hoarder. The garden (of which we didn't have access) is full of garbage, and any sort of animals, from mice to rats, including some nice foxes.

There is a structural damage under the sink (basically a big gap) that the landlord refused to fix (even though we found someone able to fix it for about £150). A pest control officer confirmed we had a mice infestation in the house because of the gap and the miserable conditions of the garden and the apartment downstairs.

Once we realised she will never fix the issue (she started pretending to not living there anymore, non answering at the door, etc. even if she was home!) we gave one month notice as per contract and moved out.

However, she is still ignoring us! We weren't able to find our deposit under any protection scheme, and we still haven't heard anything about it!!!


PS: unfortunately I have to give her a star.

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