56 Woodheyes Road, London, NW10 9DB

Added 27th January 2018

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1. Worst landlord ever

By Lauren90 - stayed here from 21st October 2017 to 21st February 2018

Kren Jasari is the worst landlord ever. He steals your rent. Didnt pay any bills which was inc in rent. Doesn’t fix any repairs. Doesn’t protect deposit. Comes round whenever he wants. Dodgy as fuck. Doesn’t deserve one star. Karma will bite him on the ass. He deserves to go jail.

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2. Landlord Corrupt and Messed Up - Mice, Mould, Damp, Electrical issues.

By review100 - stayed here from 8th September 2017 to 27th January 2018

Kren Jashari / Krenar Jashari is the worst landlord we have ever had. He enters the property unexpected with his own set of keys and does not knock on the door. The Landlord comes to the house as many as 3 times a day without announcement and has done his laundry in our house more than once. He is totally disrespectful and keeps sticking up "house rules" sheets all over the house we are renting from him. One of his rules is our bed time 10pm and the television cannot be played beyond volume 10 of 100. Kren has frauded other housemates and not returned deposits, had not dealt with a rodent infestation we have had since move in, leaves mould and damp in place and ignores text messages and phone calls. Kren (the landlord) comes into the house unannounced to perform inspections which includes entering our rooms. He then complains it is not spick and span.

Kren is by far the worst landlord I have ever had and I would go as far as to say I hate him. I will be seeking court damages when I move out.

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3. Flexible landlord and well maintained property

By Natnat89 - stayed here from 7th February 2016 to 20th December 2017

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I lived in 56 Woodheyes Road for nearly two years (Feb 2016 - December 2017) before moving out to take an overseas job in Australia.

Overall the property was clean and tidy. When this job opportunity came up, the landlord was reasonable and flexible agreeing to shorten my lease without charging me a fee.

Also my rent did not increase even though prices were going up.

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Lauren90 said:

This is fake.

on 21st October 2018 at 10:07pm