104 Tib Street, Manchester, M4 1LR

Added 10th January 2018

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1. Great Flat, Terrible Landlord/Estate Agents

By dlcmcr - stayed here from 7th March 2017 to 9th January 2018

I've been renting in Manchester City Centre for almost 10 years now and have never experienced anything like what I have whilst living in this place. Within days of moving in we realised that the oven, hob and microwave were all faulty or broken. It took almost 6 months for these to be replaced. That's half a year without the means to prepare food in a flat that costs £850 per month. The cracked window has still not been sorted, despite being reported in our first week. That is now 10 months ago.

The next thing to go was the boiler. The first time it went it took 5 days to repair. The second time took 4 days. The third time I paid out of my own pocket to have it fixed as I was sick of not having hot water - a basic necessity. Funnily enough it hasn't broken since. Which brings me to the fundamental issue with this building.

The building is owned by one landlord, who rents all 10 flats out and is not based in the UK. He pays a local estate agent Buckley Frayne (more on them later) to manage the property, but will only allow "his contractors" (which is one of his cousins, who, having met on a number of occasions, is almost definitely not a qualified contractor yet looks after everything in there - some of the appliances have pat test stickers on them from 2015!) to carry out work. Buckley Frayne can hardly ever get hold of the landlord to organise repair work, and when they do will send the cousin round with anywhere from 1 hours to 15 minutes notice. There have been 4 occasions that I am aware of when people have been trespassing in my home.

A further issue we had was mice. And not just the mice, but the laying of poison, without consultation or indeed any warning, in a flat where a 6 month old child lives. When this was made clear to them we didn't even get so much as an apology.

Having threatened them with legal action over the previous, miraculously everything was fixed and put right within 1 week. During this ordeal, and indeed since, we have paid rent on time every single month and the flat itself is in impeccable condition. Despite this we have now been refused renewal on our AST with no reason and served a section 21 notice to leave. When I asked for a reason for this I was simply told they were unwilling to discuss it with me.

We have now found somewhere else, which is a shame as despite the numerous issues we really loved the flat itself, and thoroughly enjoyed living there once it was brought into livable conditions.

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