Basement Flat, London, NW6 2AS

Added 20th December 2017

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1. Basement 53 sherriff road

By Charjs - stayed here from 12th July 2016 to 19th December 2017

Non responsive and uncaring landlords. We have had a number of issues in the last 18 months, the landlords have been very slow to react. To name a few, broken sink for 6 months, broken washing machine, mould and leaking roof since we've moved in. The drain in the back bedroom was broken for 9 months and leaking sewer gasses in to the house. We have had a broken oven for 4 months and now we have paid our last installment of rent we get no reply from them. Its a week before Christmas and we have had to book to eat out on Christmas day. We can't wait to move.

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