1 Pinfold Road, London, SW16 2SL

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1. Amatuer Landlords

By Misschief - stayed here from 23rd October 2007 to 17th October 2015

I was actually at this property for over 10 years. The property (1 bedroom) was actually quite nice, a little run down and a bit shabby in places but I didn't really notice that too much to begin with.

The main issues I had without going into too much detail was the amateurish way that any repairs or issues were dealt with from about year 3. I didn't get a boiler check in over 7 years even though I repeatedly reminded the landlord, and then when things did break down and I would call - they were working abroad and felt the need to tell me they were parking an expensive boat - while I would be dealing with a leaking roof !!

On my part I did decorate without asking and got rid of a hideously uncomfortable sofa (how I had put up with it for 7 years I just don't know) - painted the walls and re-carpeted including underlay (which my landlord didn't bother to do when I had moved in) and no he didn't pay me when I left after 3 years of use of new carpet so he got a pretty good deal I feel.

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