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Added 16th October 2017

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1. Disappointed with deduction

By neil.choudhary - stayed here from 27th June 2014 to 30th June 2017

Just want to make other tenants aware if they live in above property. I was bit disappointed with the landlord/agency deducting the amount from my deposit though property was returned in far much better condition than received. Repairs were done without notifying me hence I didn't get the chance to fix the issues. Since landlord/agency had the invoices i couldn't dispute as I would have lost the case. i painted and cleaned the property still i was charged ridiculous amount for cleaning (i didnt receive a clean property). I accept a damage to carpet which I was happy to pay for but to dispose they charged me £167 whereas local council only charges £20. As a fair tenant I do not mind paying for damages my kids did but surely I was unhappy to pay for unwanted stuff.
Had no problems in terms of getting things done while i was at the property. Property itself is great and a great location to live but very much disappointed with the amount deducted from my deposit.

Just for other's knowledge agency is Room quauys and landlord is Mark. Make sure you do take pictures yourself and not rely on inventory company.

Hope this helps anyone looking to rent this property. London is becoming a rip off for tenants, agencies do play a role but they are not helpful as well.

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