17 Horsford Road, London, SW2 5BW

Added 2nd October 2017

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1. Nice flat but awful sound proofing

By Austin1 - stayed here from 9th October 2016 to 2nd October 2017

We were really happy getting the tenancy for this flat which is a light garden flat on a quiet street very conveniently located.

On our very first night though, the upstairs neighbours introduced themselves by rearranging their entire room, dragging heavy items around and stamping loudly. This continued almost nightly until they left. I made a point of introducing myself to the upstairs landlord when he visited in between tenancies and explaining the noise problem; he did say he would pass on but the real issue is his renovation which stripped back all carpets and therefore any sound proofing.
The new tenants are more considerate and we have made them aware of the issue but any noise comes straight through and whilst respectful, we recognised they couldn't always tiptoe!

After a year of continued disrupted sleep and having to block above noise with constant music in the daytime, we've had enough! Unfortunately we didn't have the chance to pass this onto the new tenants who have signed for an even higher rent.

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