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Added 4th September 2017

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1. Terrible

By neerusaroo - stayed here from 30th January 2016 to 30th June 2017

Avoid this flat and agent (Phoenix Property) at all costs. Where to begin
-En suite started smelling of sewage the moment we moved in, took 6 months to resolve after going through all stages of denial. Refusal to adjust rent or compensate us for the fact we could not use the master bedroom for half of the contract. Turns out the contractor did a terrible job connecting the sewage pipes and in the end they piped it into the loft so the smell goes elsewhere rather than being fixed.
-My wife's asthma worsened whilst we lived there. Turns out the living room floor had dry rot and ridiculous amounts of black mould, and the support beam eventually collapsed. Refusal to refund rent whilst we had to live with breathing masks. Attempted to 'solve' problem by taping up the edges leaving gaping holes. No environmental assessment undertaken. Council complaint lodged. I fully expect a dodgy fix to be instituted rather than the recommended structural work, so bewarned if you are offered this place.
-Lowest quality materials and equipment used throughout the flat, doing the bare minimum to rent this 'penthouse' out.
-No insulation and I mean this house will get to 5 degrees if left without constant heating. The windows are inadequate and there are draughts everywhere in the living area and bedroom. Response from agent was "well its going to be summer soon, so what's the worry". Heating bills are insane.
- Water heating is completely manual and requires a noisy pump 24/7 which also racks up the electricity bills.
- Landlord is in the USA so probably has no clue all this is going on.
- The building manager, Martin, is a racist, having commented to me that we're much better than the smelly Chinese tenants who preceded us, which was a fantastic compliment. He offered us suggestions on how to water our plants when he should have been investigating the sewage smell. Claimed he had no smell since he had a cold, so not sure why he turned up. He requested an external contractor to put dye through our pipes which leaked all over our belongings in the bedroom and bathroom, which he didn't acknowledge or warn us about prior to any action. Blamed us for the problem in the end. Will be suing him for trespassing and personal liability.
- Avoid this flat and the agency (Phoenix Property). Owner of the agency is short on IQ and will attempt to blame you for whatever happens or deny that there is a problem. Short of getting a lawyer, you're wasting your breath talking to them. Fully intend to sue.
- View from the balcony is amazing, flat is still not worth it. There are better places for this kind of money (£3k/month).

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