34 Boyne Road, London, SE13 5AW

Added 1st September 2017

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1. A very homely flat

By MV - stayed here from 26th September 2016 to 1st September 2017

It's been a wonderful home for us for the past year, and we would not have moved so soon if we were not expecting a baby. The flat is on the ground floor in a very quiet street, a stone's throw away from lovely and lively Lewisham. (Very good location for commuters into central London, too). The flat is light and airy, it feels cool during the heat of summer, and warm in winter. The rooms are spacious, with high ceilings. It's particularly lovely to have a large kitchen, as you can host dinners.
A highlight has been the garden. Nicely secluded and leafy, it's a real luxury to be able to enjoy the privacy and relaxation of a relatively large garden in London. We've even been able to grow tomatoes and a little kitchen garden.

The landlord and landlady have been very good to us. Always responsive to any of our requests and otherwise very easy going. We are sad to be leaving, but feel happy at the thought that it will be a homely place to someone else.
The one downside would be that as it is a conversion flat, from large Victorian terraced house, you do get to hear the upstairs neighbours sometimes. But we have been blessed with very nice neighbours so it's never really been too much of a problem.

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