124 Great Western Street, Manchester, M14 4RA

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1. A bloody nightmare!!!

By Daniel Mardle - stayed here from 11th May 2017 to 13th August 2017

Worst landlord I’ve ever had! And the house wasn’t up to much standard either although I took it out of necessity.

When I went to look at the place there were already two people there and three empty bedrooms all of which were a good size which is pretty much all it had going for it and since I’d just returned to the UK after a year away and was looking for a job at the same time this was the best I could get where the landlord wasn’t bothered about me being unemployed and was happy to fill the room so I was happy to take it.

However, there was no excuse for the state of the rest of the house. The upstairs bathroom was disgusting. The seal around the bath was mouldy, there was a hole in the kitchen worktop behind the sink, we kept a saucepan under the boiler as it was always leaking and some of the plug sockets were completely burned out. I raised the last point with the landlord but he never did anything about it. There was an old fridge sat in the corner of the dining room that he said he was gonna get his son to help him move but never did. The one we had was just enough for 3 people but not enough for when a fourth person moved in after me so he assured us he’d be providing us with a bigger one but never did. We’d also get slugs in the dining room.

A pair of cleaners would come around every fortnight to clean the communal areas like the kitchen, bathroom and dining room although I was there one morning and didn’t notice much difference aside from cleaning the worktop and doing a bit of hoovering, plus they only stayed for an hour when they were scheduled to come for two. Personally I’m not a fan of hiring cleaners as I think it encourages laziness but that’s just me.

The landlord himself had no understanding of tact or formalities. Three days after moving in he came round unannounced one morning to show someone else around the house. Now I was willing to let that slide as a one off if someone wanted to look at the place at short notice but it became a habit. But what really pissed me off was when he walked into my room while showing someone around without knocking while I was getting dressed!!! He gave a very feeble apology and said he forgot I was there, three days after moving in!!!

However, in June after 6 weeks of living there we each received a call to say he’d had to sell the place due to financial difficulties when only the week before he was still showing the empty rooms to prospective tenants. As I said earlier I’d only recently returned to the country after a year away so was looking for work as well and managed to get a temporary job for a month shortly after moving in until my contract ran out and by that point I was looking for work again. He gave me two months notice in writing but of course finding a job was my immediate priority.

Unfortunately that took longer than hoped for and in that time he kept asking me when I was expecting to move out as he wanted to close the contract as soon as possible and because the buyer was putting a lot of pressure on him, yet wanted to reassure me that he wasn’t pressuring me. He sent me links on spareroom.co.uk (where I’d first found the place) to 3 other places he owned with empty rooms but as you can imagine I had no urge to do any more business with him by this point. Although I agreed to look at one just around the corner (257 Princess Road, M14 7LZ) only to get him off my back for a few days.

When I eventually told him I was gonna look for somewhere else to live he’d call or message me every few days to see what was happening before eventually pointing out to me I was the last one staying there.

But then in my last week I found two more problems with the house. First I’d started to catch the faintest whiff of urine when coming in or going out the front door and later realised it came from the front bedroom which stank, and then I found the place was infested with mice. When I told the landlord his reaction was “You’re joking! That’s all I need isn’t it.” Luckily for him that conversation was over the phone and I was biting my tongue.

Fortunately by then I was finally able to get a job and a much nicer place in Salford in my last week there. However, it didn’t quite end there. I had until 22 August to leave and was paid up until the 11th but had to ask for a few more days. I had to pay £48 for an extra 4 days while I moved out and then moved out after 3 and had to spend 3 weeks chasing him to reimburse me that last £12 which he eventually did after sending numerous messages and being told several times he’d sort it out right away. I know £12 isn’t much but it was the principal of the thing and considering everything he put me through he could’ve been a little more courteous about it.

But in addition to all of that I also discovered while looking for a new place that he had at least 8 properties on spareroom.co.uk including the three I mentioned earlier. So with that many places having an empty room or two it’s no wonder he was losing money.

Now I realise that all of this is perhaps moot if the place is now under new ownership. For all I know the new owner has renovated it from top to bottom making it fit for a king but if not please be aware.

The landlords name is Anand Darji and the name of his letting company is Rent Me Now Limited.

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