10 Henrietta Gardens, Bath, BA2 6LZ

Added 31st August 2017

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1. Absolutely wonderful house with professional and efficient agency as well as understanding landlord

By emmacpartridge - stayed here from 1st September 2016 to 7th July 2017

In my final year of university, we were fortunate enough to rent this jewel of a home: beautiful rooms, great common area for having friends over for dinner and stunning location right next to Henrietta Park and 5 mins walk from town. Our agency, Homelets of Bath, was very efficient: any minor issue, such as a toilet not flushing properly, was fixed within a day or so - unusual for students! The rent was very reasonable, especially on a 10 month contract and the landlady kindly let us extend our contract so that we could use the house for our graduation. After checkout, our full deposit was quickly refunded - Homelets was very understanding about normal wear and tear and we left extremely satisfied. Thank you again!

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