4 Barryfields, Braintree, CM7 5HJ

Added 30th August 2017

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1. Needs so much work! Overpriced!

By Syncopated - stayed here from 30th July 2016 to 30th August 2017

The house itself has the potential to be a lovely home, if it had 40k spent on it.

1. All windows and doors are blown and do not seal.

2. Spiders, no matter what you do they are everywhere!

3. Cold, extremely cold due to poor insulation. -3 on Christmas morning!

4. Cost of oil, due to the insulation and windows you can easily burn through £250 of oil in 2-3 months during winter.

5. Quality of maintenance is terrible. If there's an issue they just paint over it. The walls look worse then I did at 15 with acne.

6. Neighbours, they are the definition of nosey. You can't do anything outside without them coming over to chat and slag off the other neighbours. I couldn't even clean my car on weekends without them moaning about the music for the 20min I was out there.

7. Landlords, they have a massive properly about 5 min away. I mean MASSIVE, they do not maintain there rentals only in it for the cash.

Stay away, you'll only hate it!

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