10 Christina Terrace, Bristol, BS8 4QB

Added 25th August 2017

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1. scaffolding never got removed

By Sinibaldo - stayed here from 1st January 2017 to 20th August 2017

Even though it is in front of a noisy road (in a nice area which however does not offer many facilities and shop around, and that could be way better served by public transport), the house is spacious, and the price was so far decent. The scaffolding on the front and on the back of the house never got removed, even thouugh the landlord kept of promising that it would go soon. This, as well as the poor care of the garden, contributed to the feeling of abandonment of the house. For some periods, the landlord would often come unannunced to the house to do some repaire jobs. However the dishwasher was kept broken for few months and recently also the door to the garden. Apparently the rental price may increase, which does not really feel fair.

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