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1. Frankly dangerous and concerning

By GladToBeOut - stayed here from 3rd October 2014 to 3rd May 2017

I'll start with the positives- beautiful garden, beautiful building. The living room is airy with 3m+ ceilings and an original Victorian fireplace. Neutral decor is quite pretty. The area is so quiet there isn't even road noise, so in that respect the single glazed windows don't matter. Comes with a garage for storage or parking.

And now for the negatives:
Huge kitchen, no workspace or storage. Cheap appliances that cut out/burn all food/don't clean properly/make your clothes smell damp after washing. Obvious signs of damp in the corners hastily painted over.

There is an outside door leading straight into the master bed with no insulation or draft excluders. A false ceiling in the bedroom conceals ancient decorating, damp, and half the window which has no glass only a rotting board covering the hole. The carpet is fitted badly and ruckles up in the middle of the room. The en-suite has NO HEATING. ENJOY YOUT SUB-ZERO SHOWERS GUYS (oh and it doesn't have an immersion heater shower the landlord lies about that for some reason.) There is a window from the corridor by the front door directly into the master bed too which is just weird. The wallpaper is stuck directly onto old glass tiles in this room and peels away in random places.

The living room - a single glazed bay window takes up most of one wall and let's a howling gale through. Good luck finding curtains big enough to cut out some of the draft as the window is 3m+ tall and 4m+ across. Impossible to heat. IMPORTANT, POSSIBLY THE MOST IMPORTANT BIT OF THIS REVIEW: DO NOT TOUCH THE GAS FIRE. DO NOT USE THE GAS FIRE. IT HAS NOT BEEN INSPECTED BY A GAS ENGINEER IN OVER 5 YEARS AS FAR AS WE KNOW. It has been 'visually' inspected as the landlord has not officially informed British gas that it is there. A visual inspection involves the engineer glancing into the room and saying 'yep that's a fire.' We had to buy our own carbon monoxide alarm to place by this and the boiler (which I will get to later.) To warn us in case there was a lethal leak of deadly gas.

Some plug sockets don't work or spark when you try to plug in so be careful. Good luck dusting the ceiling and changing bulbs in the chandelier without a ladder also - we had to buy one as one is not included with the house. There is a water feature outside the master bed window that only works when it rains - water runs down neatly routed from the roof via a drainpipe and then a brick knocked out of a parapet... Directly onto the ground outside the bedroom window. Even with a light shower it sounds like someone is running a hose pipe onto the window and also makes the room damp.

Now, the boiler! We were officially advised by British Gas not to use the boiler as it has been installed with a flue that does not match the brand of the boiler - I believe a 'GloWorm' flue with an Ideal boiler or similar. This carries the heavy risk of having an incomplete seal on the chimney pipe for moving carbon monoxide from the boiler as it burns gas which puts you at risk of DEATH. The landlord knows this and refuses to have anything done as it would cost too much.

As it was we tried to just not use the boiler much at all and lived under mounds of blankets.

The wiring I presume was installed by the same cowboy who did the boiler as it loves to cut out. For example the hob blows the fusebox if you spill water or wipe it down to clean it.

Parking - all residents in the building have large fancy cars and park them rather badly, making using your designated parking space outside the living room window challenging at best.

The rent is exhorbitant considering the actual living conditions, and it costs a fortune to heat and light.

In summary DON'T TOUCH IT WITH A BARGE POLE but it's a shame because it could be a beautiful home with the correct care from the landlord and I was very happy there in some ways (when I managed to forget about the downsides) if changes are made and actual gas safety regulations followed - proper inspections, fixing the issue with the boiler, provision of carbon monoxide alarms as per the law, then it would be a great flat.

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