20 Springfield, Dundee, DD1 4JE

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1. Just No (could be better now)

By personwhoisperson - stayed here from 20th August 2009 to 20th August 2012

The place was falling apart before moving in (plaster falling off the walls and mould/damp, gaps under walls even), I did note that in the inventory which I filled in on day 1, remember this for later...

Rent was only payable in cash... I wonder why.

One of my flatmates was physically theatened and later assaulted for not paying their rent (there are proper legal channels for this, of course if you don't pay your tax then... you wouldn't want to attract any attention). I believe in the end he got away with only paying a fraction of it.

The property was advertised as having an ethernet network wired up, it had cabling but they had been chopped off too close to the wall in the cupboard where they terminated and as such it would have been infeasable to patch new connections on without re-wiring, we didn't want to do this ourselves as it was not our right - however the landlord also did not care (despite advertising it as being networked, even in writing).

It had GCH, but the insulation was so non-existant (also single glazed windows with visible gaps to outside around them) that heating was extremely expensive and even with it maxed out the place was too cold to live in (you would need to wear gloves and a balaclava in the winter to do anything).

On moving in, there was rubbish littered all around the back garden. This took over a week to clear and was a health hazzard, to be fair the landlord did ask one of their employees to do the job who had lied about doing it - embarrassingly, he was dragged in with his wife/girlfriend and child, quite late in the evening, to get it done, which was a bit of a spectacle. The guy who manages the overall maintenance for many properties is a great guy, however - just very busy.

Some time later, a pipe burst and it was extremely hard to find the shutoff valve - indeed the flap had been painted over (!?) so by the time we got into it the flood damage was quite severe. Luckily, none of our own property was damaged. I would suggest this being some information which is regulated and all tennants are shown upon moving into any property, having experienced that in the middle of the night with an exam the next day! I would also add that we were responsible and did keep the heating on during the winter when nobody was in, I think it was an inbound pipe that burst (and judging by the pressure that was the case).

Now, that was all under one landlord's ownership. Understandably, they sold the property as it was difficult to manage.

Surveyors noted all the issues with the property...

The next owner used an utterly despicable letting agency that is about as bad as they get - "2 Rent Me". NEVER, rent through these guys, EVER. They lost their records and claimed we owed them thousands of pounds of rent, I only had the paper receipts to prove that I owed them nothing (which could have easily been forged to be honest). This also proves that they are evading tax, as they should know their own cashflow exactly. They also took all our deposits for damage that we had already been suffering for years, since we originally moved in. Of course, the inventory was under the posession of the old landlord - so we had essentially no recourse, despite the fact that multiple surveyors had photographed the property inside and out. Not only that, but they were mean regarding accusing us of damaging the plaster - they use intimidation tactics to get their way. The plaster had clearly been damaged for years prior, and they blamed us mere weeks after taking over the property - presumably their client had paid the correct amount for the property taking into account the required repair costs, so they were simply double dipping. They also demand that all rent is paid in cash, presumably to evade tax and/or claim that people haven't paid, thinking they will lose the receipt.

It is entirely possible that the property is no longer under management of 2 Rent Me. If so, it could be better. In any case, avoid that company at all costs unless you like the idea of a legal battle to reclaim a few hundred pounds.

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