25A Harescombe Drive, Gloucester, GL1 3LE

Added 24th August 2017

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1. Avoid the property centre and avoid the landlady or you it'll cost you

By Chassz - stayed here from 1st July 2015 to 9th September 2016

The property centre do little to justify their sky high "admin" and other bogus fees. When it came to check out time despite the landlady being initially happy with the property's condition they pointed out minor things which turned into a full blown dispute. Managed to get the majority of my deposit back and will be avoiding these unsavorable charlatans again.

Lady lady (Jane Martin) started off nice, but was slow to address long standing issues with the property (wood louses coming in from the poorly fitted front door). Then as mentioned above she was swayed by the agent to turn the leaving process into a nightmare.

The property is OK, not worth the rental amount (it's missing a doesn't have a dryer for example which other properties do have at this price point). It's a coach house, which means stairs as soon as you come in, not good for those with mobility problems).

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