255 Bowerdean Road, High Wycombe, HP13 6XS

Added 24th August 2017

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1. Awful

By anon2017 - stayed here from 24th August 2012 to 24th August 2013

Stayed here for a year. When my housemates moved in (they moved in before me) the house wasn't even ready to be inhabited. They went through a while with the toilet and shower not working, having to walk to town or go to friends houses just to use the toilet or to wash! There were sockets right next to the kitchen sink suggesting that the house hadn't been checked thoroughly. There was also a mould issue in one of the rooms. To be fair, the letting agents did provide us with a dehumidifier - however that was 3 months before they took action. The person using the room was asthmatic and had an attack due to the state of the room.

There were big leaks that also took a long time to sort out.

On top of this occasionally there would be people sneaking around in our garden. One of us was alone in the house, it was dark and she heard a sound. She looked out the window and saw a man in our garden looking right back through the window at her.

We explained our concerns to the landlord and asked if we could have some kind of gate put up - he said 'no, a gate won't stop people coming into the garden'. The garden was also a state for the entire time we lived there, even though we were assured before signing the contract that the garden would be better. Instead it was full of junk from when they refurbished the house.

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