24 Underwood Road, High Wycombe, HP13 6YD

Added 24th August 2017

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1. Awful

By anon2017 - stayed here from 24th September 2013 to 24th July 2015

It seemed good to start with until there were problems like leaks and things. All problems such as leaks etc were reported to Chiltern Hills letting agents - they did nothing to help us, so somebody directly emailed the landlord (despite the fact chiltern hills were supposed to do this).

Received threats of fines of thousands of pounds from him, because of the damage caused by the unfixed leaks despite reporting the problems over and over again months beforehand. None of the problems were properly fixed and the landlord claimed our entire deposit because of the 'state' we'd left the house in. We argued our case. Eventually got a bit of the deposit back but only when I asked which scheme he had kept the deposit in.

I will never rent through Chiltern Hills ever again, and not with this landlord either.

Having said this, I went to collect some mail that I left there a few months after we'd moved out and from looking through the front door the house seemed to have been re-done on the inside so hopefully the current tenants are having a better time than we did.

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