154 Malmesbury Park Road, Bournemouth, BH8 8PP

Added 18th August 2017

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1. Acceptable house - money stealing landlady.

By pixley - stayed here from 1st August 2016 to 17th July 2017

I will start by saying there is nothing really wrong with the house itself. It is in an average location with average facilities, a little dated but fine. However, I strongly warn any possible tenants (especially vulnerable students) away from this house due to the money grabbing landlady.
Firstly, she visits the house innapropriately frequently (insisting on monthly inspections). In between droning on about her Manor House, she is extremely disrespectful of the fact that you live there and will move things around, leave windows and doors open etc. This however is not the worst of it - she will take every penny she can possibly justify from your deposit, which when I stayed there was £450. She is currently trying to take almost £200 from me to pay for general wear and tear - such as cleaning the carpets in the entire house and hiring a cleaner. We were extremely respectful of the house, kept it very tidy, broke nothing and did a deep clean before we moved out. I have stayed in a few other rented places before and never had any of my deposit kept, and I cleaned this place to the same standard. To justify these huge fees she sent photos of things such as doorknobs and tiny corners of the house with a bit of dust in it. My chest of drawers fell apart during the tenancy as they were rubbish and worth about £5 - I mentioned this to her and nothing was done about it. Yet somehow she thinks it is reasonable to charge me £30 to 'rebuild' them (two draws had come off their rails). Of four people staying in the house she took £100+ from each of us, making her a nice tidy little profit. AVOID THIS LANDLADY AT ALL COSTS.

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