590 Rue St Jean Baptiste, Winnipeg, R2H 2Y1

Added 8th August 2017

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1. Terrible Place to live!! St-Boniface Basement Suite

By Katrina_ - stayed here from 1st June 2017 to 1st August 2017

I had to move in a pinch so I took this place without any hesitation. Landlord seemed very nice (at first) and it was a decent price and good location. A month after I moved in, I flipped my mattress to find it soaked with water and covered in mold. I took it out of the suite and told Daniella (lanlord). She seemed very upset but said she would take $50 off my rent but the next day she asked for it back and told me it was my fault my mattress was ruined. This was only the beginning of a horrible experience with this lady who has some serious issues.. After the mattress situation she tried to evict me for getting a kitten..even though she had already approved my dog and told me the place was pet friendly. She left me many notices that didn't make any sense and threatened me that if I didn't leave she would take me to court etc..She was absolutely nuts..Treated me with no kindness or respect and wasn't acknowledging my rights. I noticed that I was getting really sick from being there, rash all over my body and my throat was swollen and having a hard time breathing. This place is not healthy for anyone to live in. I called the city to come do an inspection and she turned them away. She even admitted that there was mold in the stairs. She is trying to sell the house now..after telling me I can stay 6 months to a year. She yells a lot, to her son all the time upstairs so you have to listen to that every day..There are so many things wrong with this place and this woman do not move in here!! also she kept $200 from my damage deposit for "not sweeping the floors" even though the whole place was perfectly clean..Hopefully you got a chance to read this before taking this place! I would give this home zero stars if that were an option.

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