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1. Very nervous and impolite live-in landlady

By DZ - stayed here from 14th April 2016 to 5th June 2017

I stayed at the property for more than a year. The room was good, cannot complain. However, there were certain drawbacks that you can find below:
1. Landlady had a cat, which she keeped 'on a diet'. The animal was always hungry and did not stop meowing even at late night. I could barely sleep sometimes because of that.
1. Live-in landlady did not behave appropriately. I tried to have a dialog with her many times, pointing out some problems around the house which needed to be fixed. As a response she screamed and was swearing in very bad way. Several times she came home very late and if she saw anything around the kitchen or the house she didn't like she started screaming even at midnight or later. For a person, who needs to go to work next morning, that was not very good experience. Next day I normally received SMS from her saying 'I feel bad about last night. It was an over reaction. I'm sorry'. And it repeated several times which made me very nervous every time when we were at home at the same time (she didn't work and was nearly always in on weekends).
2. The house is very cold in winter, especially my bedroom. The heating is off at night after 10, which doesn't help. I bought a room thermometer and it showed 16 degrees sometimes.
3. Wi-fi is super slow. Actually it was not working at all, when landlady used her computer or watched TV in living room. It is impossible to watch movies or skype at home.
4. The fridge was tiny for two people living at the property.
5. Overground trains right opposite the window. They start running around 5.30 and it is difficult to sleep. Additionally, warehouses occupied by delivery companies were opposite my bedroom window. The landlady said it would not be an issue, but actually they worked even on weekends and sometimes very early hours. The independent gallery at the end of the road frequently had late night and very loud parties during the week.
6. All the buses to the center run through very congested areas - Liverpool street station or Old street roundabout. Which made my commute to work very slow and long process.
7. Some items around the house - shaky gate lock, fallen apart kitchen shelves and leaky bath needed urgent repair. But landlady did not listen to any complaints and did not want to invest in the house maintenance a penny.

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