7 Cedar Drive, Ascot, SL5 0UA

Added 31st July 2017

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1. Weared, cold and not nice landlady

By pv - stayed here from 1st July 2012 to 31st July 2017

The house has a good location, near the train station and the supermarked, but that is about it.
The garden is noisy with the road and the neighbor air conditioning that prevent to sit outside or even keep the windows open in the summer.The windows that actually open, because most of them have keys (that the landlady claims not to have), or are broken (and the landlady does not want to repair).
The house is on three floors, but radiators are only placed on the stairs, so that hot air is going up while the rest of the rooms are cold. We used hot-air heating system (very expensive), but still the bottom floor (kitchen and dining room) was always very cold. The landlady does not see it, so forget complaining!
The carpet is very old (but she wants to keep it for another tennancy). The curtains are old and dirty beyond reasonable. I cleaned them, and I had to pay out of my deposit because in her opinion the local laundry shop ruined them (they were broken already... but...). I had to replace the dishwasher baskets, and fix the bathtub after a few days we moved it, as she did not want to do it. The dryier is not properly placed and the refrigerator is so noisy we cannot stay in the kitchen without getting a headache.
She left all her pictures on the walls and when we took them out, the wall was badly marked.
Overall, the worst part though, is the landlady. We feel very lucky we finally moved out..
She claims the right to access the property at least once a year, usually when we are on vacation abroad.

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