421C Bethnal Green Road, London, E2 0AN

Added 24th June 2017

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1. Don't bother

By Momoney - stayed here from 24th January 2016 to 24th August 2016

Flat is overpriced and pretty shabby. Only good thing is location. However landlord is an absolute nightmare. Used to ring us up saying he'd set up cameras at our front door and knew we were bringIng boys Into the flat. Then gave us an evection notice (by this time we'd decided we wanted to leave because he was frightening us). After we left he put the rent on that flat up by £250 a month. Later he tried to withhold our deposit as he said he'd made damages to the flat (we hadn't wed actually left the place far nicer than when we took it over) . told us he was going to sue us etc. Thank goodness he'd put our money in the deposit protection scheme as every penny was awarded back to us. Basically an absolute nightmare to deal with, intimidated the two single girls who paid rent on time every month and tried to make life as hard as possible.

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