86 Bonneville Gardens, London, SW4 9LE

Added 10th June 2017

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1. Pathetic childish delusional landlord

By Anonymous1001 - stayed here from 10th May 2012 to 10th December 2013

Do NOT rent here. Live in landlord who is the most selfish pathetic childish person you will ever meet.
- 2 hour a day bathroom usage (peak hour of course)
- Netflix is solely for himself yet advertises it as a bonus for renting there - Turns the heating off when he's not there
- Will literally steal every single penny he can from you but when you ever ask for reimbursement for things he is as slow as humanly possible, mocks you for wanting it then gives it to you in the most childish way
- Claims former tenants things are his own and that he's being so generous to let you use them
- Throws out tenants things
- Keeps their mail without ever informing them of receiving it
- Listens in on conversations
- Delusional sense of intellectual superiority because he went to a famous university almost 10 years before. Yet has to rent to people and earns less than them.

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