Flat 17, Sutton, SM2 6QB

Added 7th June 2017

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1. Mouldy walls, thin walls, noisy neigbours

By daugavpils - stayed here from 14th April 2015 to 5th June 2017

OK if you are tight for money and have a low tolerance to mould and noise.
Mould is a major headache. Landlord expects dehumidifiers to be on all the time ( this raises electric bill a lot!) and air extractors to be switched on all the time, the one in the kitchen sounds like an airplane taking off! Black mould on furniture, bath, walls and curtains.
Sky rocket energy prices - no gas supply and old 60s style heaters that are too hot at night and too cold at day time. If you want fast heat up - be ready for stink from the burning dust bits inside the heaters
Very thin walls - you can hear neighbours mobiles and alarm clocks going off pretty well.This creates quite an uncomfortable experience when you have a big family living upstairs.
The neighbourhood has got from bad to worse - garbabe area is used as a dump for a furniture and house commitee desperately sends out leaflets asking to stop doing it - afaik this did not help. Several tenants are smoking pots openly in the area. On my moving out day some resident became drunk and violent at noon and police had to be called.Visitors parking is permanently occupied by some residents car and mainenance company does not care.
Spend your money somewhere else.

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