5 St. Martins Gardens, Bristol, BS4 2NJ

Added 3rd June 2017

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1. Mould and Damp

By JBM - stayed here from 1st May 2016 to 5th May 2017

On the face of it the property looks quite nice. It has a good view and a nice garden. Up until we had to put the heating on it was also comfortable but a touch small. Horrors after that. There is constant damp rising from the corridor outside of the Kitchen and the extractor fan has no exit to the outside. Moisture was a constant problem unless you leave the windows open throughout the winter and at night- not acceptable when it is freezing and you have spent loads on heating. The secret damp cellar under the Kitchen led to mould spores being released throughout the house. We had chest and breathing illnesses and were constantly cleaning. It ruining furniture and clothes - even the ones in the cupboards. Landlord just painted over the past problems that the old tenant had and tried to dismiss it. In the end we had to threaten to take him to court for health and safety reasons. The letting agent also knows these problems. We managed to get out and the landlord said he would sell the property. But as many of you know -words are cheap- and the house is being let again. If you are considering renting this property you much check if the extractor fan has now had an external vent fitted, you must also check the corridor outside the kitchen has had its floor sealed and you must get assurances the right treatment for mould has been used on the walls and then painted. If these have not been done I recommend you walk away from the place. It is not even worth putting up with ill health for half the rental price.

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