2 Alexandra Road, Bath, BA2 4PW

Added 15th March 2017

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1. House of the Rising Damp (flat 2)

By Jusswannalive - stayed here from 15th March 2016 to 14th March 2017

The letting agents have been 50/50. A lot of issues I raised were sorted within the week but some were ignored completely. If they need to ask the landlady something you can expect to wait a couple of months for the reply.
A couple of fixtures around the flat were broken but had been arranged to appear sturdy. The advertisement stated semi-furnished but items were removed by the time we moved in..? Also the kitchen is incredibly dated, the draws aren't even on runners!
I was allowed to keep an aquatic turtle pet so that stands in it's favour.. but other than the high ceilings, good view and central location that's about all the good I can share.

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