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1. Damp problems, broken wiring & horrible landlady

By TMP - stayed here from 17th October 2015 to 17th October 2016

Signed for a furnished flat but turned up to an unfurnished flat. On moving in lights and switches didn't work (never got fixed), ensuite bathroom had various things not working.
In winter the roof leaks and wall has penetrating damp from cracked render in the extension which contains the rear bedroom. Our furniture and clothes ruined, landlady blocked our phone numbers before even hearing us out, then she hired a lettings agent to take care of maintenance and threatened to claim harassment if we tried to contact her again. Had to involve the council to get some ineffective repair attempts made to the roof, the whole process took a lot of effort and about 4 months before any action was taken. In the end, the landlady took control of hiring all contractors, not the lettings agent, and she hired very cheap people who left mess, would come in unannounced, and did a bad job in the end. For example, builder came in and drilled holes in bedroom wall for air vents while we were out, left a fine brick dust covering everything in the room. Painters (gang of teenage boys) came round unannounced and put some kind of solvent on the rear wall that stank for days, and also damaged the garden fence.
The mains cabling runs along the skirting boards (which would give you a 230V shock if you cut through the thin plastic insulation), and many sockets do not work. There are light switches that also don't work, and about half the halogen downlighter bulbs blew in the same month.

We left in October 2016 and as of Jan 2017 are still fighting for our deposit back through mydeposits. The agent hired someone to do a check-out inspection, and we received an e-mail from the landlady via agent which basically annotates every single thing mentioned in the check-out inspection with an arbitrary deduction. For example: hallway, light scuff marks to paint, repainting £20; living room, chip to laminate, mend laminate, £10 etc. etc. totalling over £700 and including asking deductions for things which are the responsibility of the landlord (bit of damage to the front door), and minor defects which are also noted in the check-IN report!

This landlady owns several properties in Wimbledon and she is unfit to be a landlord. She repaints her properties before letting them to give a good impression, but once you move in you'll be in for a shock. Run a mile!

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