151 Bream Close, London, N17 9DJ

Added 20th January 2017

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1. Attractive river view..and many hidden downsides

By shemayal - stayed here from 1st January 2013 to 31st January 2016

A very attractive flat in a convenient location with a river view...and many hidden downsides. Appliances, furnishings, and fixtures are cheap and occasionally unreliable. The flat suffers from severe drafts in winter, flooding in the main living area when it rains, water damage to the flooring, and an infestation of black mold (most visible around the bedroom windows and kitchen/bathroom faucets). Do not expect any assistance with remediation of these issues; only constant cleaning and care on the part of the tenant can keep them under control. Sundry household pests impossible to fully eliminate include carpet beetles, silverfish, and flour mites. Not recommended, therefore, if you have allergies.

Unlike most flats in Bream Close, there is no gas line installed. Everything is electric, and this results in higher-than-average utility bills.

You should not feel unsafe or worry about theft, and the neighbors will respect your privacy, but they can be noisy. I regularly heard inconsolable crying and wailing that continues for hours on end, along with couples shouting at each other in a manner that suggests domestic violence at so-called "unsocial" hours.

Postal mail is somewhat unreliable and occasionally goes missing. You will need to be present to receive any package deliveries.

You should also expect to be on the receiving end of interference, intimidation, and strong arm tactics from Moira Brazil, the owner of the flat, at some point during your tenancy. This is her only income property, so you'll be the centre of her attention. However, you may not find this to be a positive; she wields the unearned moral superiority of the so-called "rentier" class like a whip and possesses a paranoid streak which can manifest itself in unpleasant ways. For example, she is likely to call on you virtually unannounced and may even enter the flat and poke around when you are not present, or allow others to do so. I also have reason to believe that she has attempted to gather information about my personal finances through third-party sources without my leave. Another example: In the final month of my tenancy, I was insulted, accused of deception, and personally threatened during a stressful period of transition (as moving house can be) simply because I was not available at *her* convenience and Heaven forbid even one day's worth of electricity go unpaid (a baseless accusation). In reality, during my three years there, rent, utilities, and council taxes were always paid on time and in full, and I put well over one grand of my own money in improvements that will benefit future tenants and potentially increase Brazil's monthly takings. Needless to say, don't expect to be valued as a model tenant.

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