109A Mount Pleasant Road, London, SE13 6HX

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1. Scam!

By Suf - stayed here from 16th December 2008 to 16th March 2018

The landlady, Miss Nick Fredolas Beurard (aka Satine Beurard) is a fraudster.

All positive reviews below are her own work.

She was and as far as I know, still is being investigated by the DWP for benefit fraud and was arrested twice in 2015 for physical assault, one involving a tenant.

If you're currently living in this property, I would highly recommend you log all valuables and if you have any friends or family nearby, move any high value possession over to their residence.

As reported in the many reviews below, she has and will take advantage of access to your private room. I recorded her entering the room and attempting to steal my iPod that she later claimed she was "borrowing".

Get prepared for a long legal fight for any money she does steal from you. I witnessed her make disgusting racist remarks to a caucasian tenant (she is black) and then make a homophobic insult to the same tenants guest.

I believe the main reason for her behaviour is her drug problem (opiate abuse). She switches moods erratically and will often lose control and appear wild-eyed and talk gibberish. She claims her father was an alcoholic and this gives her reason to act so poorly.

Avoid this disgusting animal and be glad you never have to hear the name Nick Fredolas Satine Beurard ever again.

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2. Investigation

By JC2017 - stayed here from 6th February 2018 to 6th February 2018

My name is John Corr and I'm a Fraud & Intelligence Officer from the Rogue Landlord Team at Lewisham Council. Can I ask that anyone with information regarding this landlord, please contact me at john.corr@lewisham.gov.uk
All information treated in strict confidence.

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3. Top class landlord, friendly, respesctful and helpful, stunning and highly maintain property, clean and high spec

By John Reeds - stayed here from 25th February 2013 to 25th October 2017

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I lived in this address for 4 years with different roommate in the house, I never experienced any problem living here. The house is well maintain and the lady was putting a lot effort to keep it clean, renovated and the best way possible . Many of the people that move in were sort problematic as they will move in, and move out without giving any notice and making all sort problems to the landlord , to be honest I think people were taking advantage of her as she was alone, despite we all had very good quality furniture, high spec place, like Plasma tv in very large kitchen, the landlord will often invite us in restaurant or take way she will pay with her own money, this place was top class to live not your usual boring shared place, you couldn't tell this was a shared place. People made many unfair claim against our landlord , they were intimidating her because she will stand for the term of her contract she signed with them, the people wont like it as they breach their contract without not giving notice or damaging the furniture and still expect all their money to be given to them. Many times I felt sorry for her as she was very vulnerable with those people, not all the roommate was problematic but few were and they made up stories that weren't true regarding this lady.

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LegalEagle said:

There has been no such John Reeds living at this property and this is a fact that can easily be confirmed. Fake review, probably the criminal herself - beware of this property.

on 30th December 2017 at 7:18pm
JC2017 said:

Good morning Mr Reed, could you contact me please at john.corr@lewisham.gov.uk as I've done several visits to the property over the last few months and have found no one to be living there and have had this confirmed by various other sources also, so I would be interested in talking to you. I'll await your email. Many thanks. John Corr Private Sector Housing Fraud & Intelligence Officer.

on 26th October 2017 at 8:00am

4. Best home, best landlord best time

By SophieB - stayed here from 1st January 2016 to 25th May 2017

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I lived in the place for 1 year, no problem with the landlord, we still friend, there were problems but not with her but with other roommate, few people took her nice side for granted, made stories about her, these are a small number compare to the number of people happy with her service, people that make big noise but don't take legal action are not going it because they are not in the right and they know it, posting false claim is all they can do........ Some landlord make you live in run down place this was a place that were well taking care of, some ;landlord change the rent without notice she never do so, she was fair all was in the contract but people didnt respect her and just wanted their way.

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JC2017 said:

My name is John Corr, I'm a Private Sector housing Fraud & Intelligence Officer for Lewisham Council. Could you contact me please at john.corr@lewisham.gov.uk So I can verify what you say and then ascertain whether this is a fraudulent review or not.

on 2nd November 2017 at 8:35am


By LuxiFritzi - stayed here from 22nd March 2017 to 22nd March 2017

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Wrong identity, don't give back your money and is bipolar or manipulating you as soon you move in!

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hgrigalis said:

Please add me on facebook. Helen Grigalis. I am currently going through the courts with regards to this awful woman.

on 15th June 2017 at 8:44am
JC64 said:

I'm an investigator with Lewisham Council, would you mind contacting me regarding 109a. My email address is john.corr@lewisham.gov.uk Many thanks.

on 15th June 2017 at 7:39am

6. Honest landlord, friendly share, well maintained and sophisticated place to live

By Li Wei - stayed here from 1st July 2016 to 20th December 2016

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I am from China and I booked and paid my room with the landlord from oversea, I was a bit concern to pay such money from oversea but not only I got the room I paid for but the lady came to pick me up from London bridge station. I came as internship for my master at Imperial University. The place was always clean and most the people living there were friendly. There were occasionally some issue but it was with new people that moved in not with the owner. I returned home in December 2016, I give 1 month notice, we agreed that I wont pay the last rent and this will be covering the deposit cost. No issue and no complaint to be made. I will strongly recommend as compare to many place I saw online this place offered more than a room to sleep.The landlord always was updating things, making our comfort better.

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Reply to Li Wei:
JC2017 said:

My name is John Corr, I'm a Private Sector housing Fraud & Intelligence Officer for Lewisham Council. Could you contact me please at john.corr@lewisham.gov.uk So I can verify what you say and then ascertain whether this is a fraudulent review or not.

on 2nd November 2017 at 8:34am


By LegalEagle - stayed here from 1st November 2015 to 26th May 2016

The first thing I'd like to say, given that I know the landlord well, is that all positive reviews on this property are fake and written by her. I know how she types and how she speaks.

Please, stay away from this crooked woman and this property.

She threw me out and stole close to 2 thousands pounds of my money in a deposit and rent id paid in advance.

The police have been well aware of her and this property for around 4 years now but she is clever and manipulative and she has abused the legal loopholes well.

Satine aka Nicole aka Nadine aka NICK FREDOLAS BEURARD, we know you monitor this page and if you know what is good for you, you will stop scamming tenants under a sham company that has no credentials listed on Company House.

Justice will be served and she will be reprimanded for her scams.

She is a disgusting vile woman. Stay away.

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8. Best Place to stay in South London - affordable, spectacularly stylish, safe with CCTV

By amancio_88 - stayed here from 1st April 2015 to 1st January 2016

Reasons to stay:

1. The location cannot be better.
2. The view and accommodations are amazing.
3. The owner is friendly and hospitable.
4. The garden is amazing!

The apartment is clean, updated, with all of the necessities for your stay. The location is incredible. Best neighborhood in Hither green. Close proximity to shops, train, bus, close distance of Greenwich. Wonderful restaurants as close as across the street. If you want to be in the center of it all with easy access to the city, this place is perfect. I would stay here again !

Totally worth it.

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By hgrigalis - stayed here from 15th July 2015 to 15th October 2015

Don't even look at this property. This woman has scammed countless people out of a lot of money. She will go into your room with no notice and tell you to leave. She won't give you the deposit back.
I am currently going through the courts with her to no avail.
Just don't go near this crazy woman. She goes by Nadine, maxism, satine, beurelle beurard and more.

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10. Beautiful stay! , Incredible apartment

By Lomzes - stayed here from 14th February 2015 to 1st July 2015

The house was very nice, clean, cozy, bright and well furnished! There was also a small garden that its own separate office with Wifi, light and many electrical connections that was very comfortable!
The apartment was near many train lines and bus leading to the city center.
We had a beautiful stay and the owner was always helpful. and very friendly.

This apartment is really out of this world. The building is hundreds of years old, full of character. The neighbourhood is so vibrant and fun. Truly unbelievable. We were serenaded every night by musicians from the street below as we shared a glass of wine on the terrace. By 11:30 it quiets down and we went to sleep with cool breezes from the open windows above. It was very convenient to get to from the airport, and you can catch the metro right there and two lines of the open air tourist bus also right there. We also rented bikes from right nearby with the city bike rental program. It is a good walk up the stairs, but so worth it. The owner is very professional, very good about contacting you, and lays out everything you will need. Totally recommend it!

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11. Excellent service and accommodation for our Doctors

By Lewisham Hospital - stayed here from 1st December 2014 to 1st May 2015

We needed urgent accommodation for one of our doctors, this lady responded fast to our calls, she provided first class accommodation , absolutely amazing
Feedback from our doctors: "We loved this apartment. The decor was stylish, the beds were comfortable and we had everything we needed. It was easy to walk to all the places we wanted to go to and when we had finished site-seeing we enjoyed sitting by the window. The complementary drinks, nuts and stroopwaffels were much appreciated. It was great to be able to make some of our own meals in the apartment as eating out every evening would prove quite expensive for a week.
The apartment has a separate room including it's own en-suite across a small landing opposite the main apartment. This was absolutely perfect!!!

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12. Trusted and Highly recommend

By Foxton estate agent Corporate customer - stayed here from 1st August 2014 to 1st December 2014

The property was recommended to us by Foxton agent , we needed a short rental apartment during our Business trips.
Satine has a great rental, it is very convenient to train lines and is an easy walk. Others have commented on the stairs being steep, well it is no worse than the Rembrandt house and is in keeping with the period of the house. The view is exceptional.
This flat is as described; beautifully decorated, central lovely part of the city, lovely canal views, clean and the owner was very nice and helpful.
The stairs up to it are quite steep and narrow, so probably best not to book if you are elderly or have bad legs!
Would love to stay there again. Amazing place and amazing owner.

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13. Terrible and evil woman

By Stargirl - stayed here from 12th September 2014 to 12th September 2014

Do not rent from this woman she will steal your money. The police are onto her for fraud. She will take your money and not return it or ask you to move out prematurely.

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By A TripAdvisor Memner - stayed here from 1st July 2013 to 1st February 2014

Everything was excellent and due to our early arrival we were allowed to take our rooms 1 days before the our due dates which was much appreciated. Apartment is lovely and in a great location. The landlady was super friendly, prepared clean towers , London map and oysters cards for us, extremely impressed. Thank you so much!!!

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15. Perfect place to relax

By bernard williams - stayed here from 25th September 2013 to 15th December 2013

A very comfortable place with everything you need. Shopped the local market for food and enjoyed dinner out at the nearby. Amazing French Bakery nearby called the hope for the best fresh mint tea. Easy to either walk or take the tram to the center of the city. Neighbourhood was quiet. If i ever go back toLondon i will stay

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16. “Fantastic apartment in a fabulous location!”

By bettencort1975 - stayed here from 1st January 2013 to 1st October 2013

We totally fell in love with this apartment.
Perfect location, perfect brightening and just lovely.
I will strongly recommend this place to anyone who's new in town.
The train and bus is so near, it's a very busy place. Lots of stores nearby. When you go out of the front door, you will find a lots of bars, shops and restaurants.
It takes about 10-15 min to the lovely cafe and 15 min to pub just by walking.
The internet, water and heat was perfect, didn't have any problem with it.
The apartment looks exactly like the pictures.
I will absolutely stay here next time i'm back.
The owner was very professional , very friendly and helpful

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17. The nasty landlord stole my money, clothes and then made me homeless.

By tentennant - stayed here from 15th June 2013 to 17th August 2013

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The landlord, Satine Beurard, who also uses the name Nicole, was an absolute horror. She started nice, but after a few weeks had slept in my bed while I was away for a weekend, and refused to let me in the garden, which was advertised. I confronted her about this and she shouted at me. She then gave me 3 hours to move out and in the process stole one of my suitcases which I had packed. She then refused to give me back my deposit and the rent for the remaining time which I had paid upfront. This escalated into my having to take her to the small claims court and employing bailiffs to get my money back. I thought it was all over, when a year later I got a call from the courts again asking me to give evidence in court regarding her identity, as she was claiming benefits using a fake identity. One of the worst experiences of my life.

Please do not ever go for this property.

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Reply to tentennant:
JC64 said:

I'm an investigator with Lewisham Council, would you mind contacting me regarding 109a. My email address is john.corr@lewisham.gov.uk Many thanks.

on 15th June 2017 at 7:46am
JC64 said:

I'm an investigator with Lewisham Council, would you mind contacting me regarding 109a. My email address is john.corr@lewisham.gov.uk Many thanks.

on 15th June 2017 at 7:40am
LuxiFritzi said:

Hi tentennant, Well I should see your message before I moved in to this tricky unbelievable women... Let's say that I had the pleasure to have the same experience few months ago and I'm still waiting of the refund. I know it will be hard but I engaged a pretty good lawyer because I hate this kind of person (unbelievable actually that she can manipulate people so easily) and I will NOT give up that's for sure. I guess we are going to the court and I would like to ask you if you could maybe send me any documents about your case with this fake Satine please. Ah, just to let you know, she did it with me in an apartment in Berlin (Germany). I know actually that she is maybe the owner from both apartments or whatever but if we are 2-3 cases, I think the court will be much more interested in this case. Please contact by mp. Thanks

on 22nd March 2017 at 10:11pm
Stargirl said:

Omg this same woman also stole my money. I have her 1 month rent deposit and 1 month rent up front. I asked her for a refund the next day as I was not able to move in. She refused to give me any money back. I called the police and reported her to action fraud I also reported her to inland revenue as I noticed she had multiple names and companies registered to that address on mount pleasant in Lewisham. I didn't go through small claims to get my money because I was so tired at this point. A few months later I was contacted by another man she stole money from who saw my tweets about her online!! This all happened to me in 2014 and I hope my reporting led to her arrest and charges.

on 13th March 2017 at 10:00pm

18. This place really is a bed of roses!

By Jules K - stayed here from 1st January 2013 to 1st May 2013

Just returned from a fabulous stay in London. The apartment was the perfect place to stay. Before we arrived we had a few questions which the owner was always quick to respond to. As soon as we rang the bell Satine came to welcome us. The apartment is large and very light and airy with huge windows. upstairs there is a long hall leading to the kitchen, separate toilet and bathroom plus one of the 2 double bedrooms. Upstairs there is a lovely comfy lounge and the 2nd double bedroom. The kitchen is well equipped with 2 rings, dish washer, fridge, kettle, toaster, coffee maker and microwave. Tea and coffee were supplied together with some milk to start you off. The beds were really comfy and because the apartment is away from the road it's very peaceful so we slept well after our days exploring. There is a great shower with gel and hairdryer provided. Although there is no t.v. we didn't miss it at all. There are lots of books and games provided and a tablet plus free very efficient Wi-Fi. We were out most evenings so t.v. would have been wasted! There is also a cute little garden which would be a sun trap in the summer. The location is superb. We walked everywhere. Plus you are really close to lovely station pub which is highly recommended. We had a late flight home and Satine kindly arranged for our luggage to be kept safe in his house next door so we could make the most of our last day. If we return to the city we would definitely stay here again. Some parts of the city are manic and too busy Thanks for a fantastic stay! We booked our stay for the property from oversea, receive receipt and got our deposit back after 1 week.

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19. The most wonderful time in London

By Marcy Rose - stayed here from 15th June 2012 to 15th September 2012

My husband and I had the most wonderful time in London and we truly loved our stay at Satine. The apartment was perfect ! Your service was equally wonderful. The apartment was immaculate and well furnished....and whenever we had a question or needed advice Satine provided excellent customer service. We are hoping to return to London in December with friends and you were very helpful in showing us other apartments that we are considering when we return. As soon as we confirm dates with the 2 other couples we will be in touch to make a reservation. We look forward to seeing you in December to continue the French Art of living!! We booked the property online from Paris and we experienced no issues during our stay.

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20. The landlord was so very hospitable and thoughtful

By Liz - stayed here from 27th July 2012 to 12th August 2012

The host was so hospitable and thoughtful. She arranged for the driver to pick up at the airport with only 1 day notice of arriving and booking this apartment. During the London olympic Games, our hotel got double booked and we had no place to go, this lady sorted all for us. we paid all the booking from oversea. She always answered texts and emails. This was my very first experience in London and I feel spoiled! My husband and I went to London as one the football organiser for the Greek team, The owner had bottle of wine and flowers waiting for us in the amazing spotless apartment. Besides that she had everything you need including a binder, a make of London and all the emergency contact if in needs.It included even markets and restaurants details. There were robes and cleaner that came once week. Meet amazing people there, thanks you so much for the experience:)

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21. The experience was first class

By Lenee - stayed here from 27th July 2012 to 12th August 2012

My staying in this property was very pleasant and one the best travel experiences I have ever had! Starting with the excellent communications with Satine where she answered all my questions , to arriving and she taking me to the beautiful clean and stylish apartment. it could not have been smoother. Everything about the experience was first class, I never wanted to leave. Thank you for your truly wonderful getaway in London!!

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22. Fantastic Apartment - highly recommend

By Rose - stayed here from 1st February 2012 to 1st July 2012

We are just back from staying in this lovely apartment. Fab space, clean and tidy with everything you need. Perfect location, highly recommend and will definitely be back. Thank you.

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23. A Perfect Choice

By christy11 - stayed here from 1st January 2011 to 1st November 2011

After considering many other options, decided on this amazing affordable apartment because it had personality and when we arrived, we weren't disappointed! A short ten minute walk on the train and we were right at the place. After long days of walking around, it was great to come back to a clean and comfortable space that felt like a home. So many relaxing lounge areas, huge ceilings and an excellent kitchen. Would recommend this rental to anyone!

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24. Unique and amazing experience

By Larrykoch - stayed here from 1st January 2011 to 1st September 2011

My wife and I stayed in this fantastic little apartment. It looked to be recently renovated with a wonderful new shower (loved the waterfall shower) and extremely large Modern and stylish kitchen. The apartment is located in a very lively area surrounded by tons of shops, restaurants and bars in the fashionable 6th. Walking distance to the train station made it extremely convenient.

We were greeted by the lovely owner who explained everything in the apartment. The owner also left a very helpful book that explained the appliances and gave tips for nearby restaurants and bars.-Easy to set up

-Responsive owners
-Functional, clean and spacious apartment - as advertised , reliable fast Wifi, CCTV security,
-Great location within walking distance to metro, sights, and restaurants
-Competitive price for the area

I would definitely stay here again as the location is unbeatable. Highly recommend

We'd used this apartment again in a heartbeat.

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