109A Mount Pleasant Road, London, SE13 6HX

Added 19th January 2017

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By LuxiFritzi - stayed here from 22nd March 2017 to 22nd March 2017

Wrong identity, don't give back your money and is bipolar or manipulating you as soon you move in!

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2. The nasty landlord stole my money, clothes and then made me homeless.

By tentennant - stayed here from 15th June 2013 to 17th August 2013

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The landlord, Satine Beurard, who also uses the name Nicole, was an absolute horror. She started nice, but after a few weeks had slept in my bed while I was away for a weekend, and refused to let me in the garden, which was advertised. I confronted her about this and she shouted at me. She then gave me 3 hours to move out and in the process stole one of my suitcases which I had packed. She then refused to give me back my deposit and the rent for the remaining time which I had paid upfront. This escalated into my having to take her to the small claims court and employing bailiffs to get my money back. I thought it was all over, when a year later I got a call from the courts again asking me to give evidence in court regarding her identity, as she was claiming benefits using a fake identity. One of the worst experiences of my life.

Please do not ever go for this property.

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LuxiFritzi said:

Hi tentennant, Well I should see your message before I moved in to this tricky unbelievable women... Let's say that I had the pleasure to have the same experience few months ago and I'm still waiting of the refund. I know it will be hard but I engaged a pretty good lawyer because I hate this kind of person (unbelievable actually that she can manipulate people so easily) and I will NOT give up that's for sure. I guess we are going to the court and I would like to ask you if you could maybe send me any documents about your case with this fake Satine please. Ah, just to let you know, she did it with me in an apartment in Berlin (Germany). I know actually that she is maybe the owner from both apartments or whatever but if we are 2-3 cases, I think the court will be much more interested in this case. Please contact by mp. Thanks

on 22nd March 2017 at 10:11pm
Oyinkan said:

Omg this same woman also stole my money. I have her 1 month rent deposit and 1 month rent up front. I asked her for a refund the next day as I was not able to move in. She refused to give me any money back. I called the police and reported her to action fraud I also reported her to inland revenue as I noticed she had multiple names and companies registered to that address on mount pleasant in Lewisham. I didn't go through small claims to get my money because I was so tired at this point. A few months later I was contacted by another man she stole money from who saw my tweets about her online!! This all happened to me in 2014 and I hope my reporting led to her arrest and charges.

on 13th March 2017 at 10:00pm