22 Windermere Road, Lancaster, LA1 3EX

Added 18th January 2017

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1. Don't Even Consider this Place

By Gina - stayed here from 21st September 2016 to 31st December 2016

I had a short visit to the UK/Lancaster for about four months and I thought it will be a good value for my money to rent in a shared house. I rented two rooms one for me and one for my son on the agreement that only the landlord will share the house with us. The rent was too much in comparison to the average rental price (I acknowledge that this was partly my fault as I didn't negotiate the price). The promised services were not delivered. It was very difficult to connect online. The heating was operated only 6 hours weekdays and 8 hours weekends and it was put on a low heating degree. The TV broke and it took the landlord around 4 weeks to fix it. The furniture was literally falling apart. The landlord likes clutter. I complained numerous times about it but she did nothing. She does not care about the cleanliness of the house. I ended up cleaning the common areas. Her behaviour is at best annoying. Instead fixing things she kept asking me to take extra care while using them! She left for holiday and her daughter came to live in the house without telling me in advance. The daughter's behaviour was very aggressive and unpredictable. She shouted at me once and used improper language and sneaked her boyfriend to the house through the kitchen door! I wrote to the landlord to complain about the unexpected and unacceptable behaviour of her daughter but she did nothing about it. I asked her to provide me with an alternative accommodation as she breached our agreement but she refused. So, I left the house and stayed in a hotel for the rest of my stay in Lancaster! THE WORST ACCOMMODATION EVER: Pricey, bad services, and financial losses as you might need to find another accommodation without prior planning: ZERO STARS.

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