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1. Shavram Sood

By tomjamesf - stayed here from 13th March 2016 to 4th January 2017

This mans first words to us were "are you going to be good tennants and never speak to me?"

Possibly one of the most difficult landlord I have ever had the mis-fotune to come across.

In a brand new flat one would understand if there was a few things that go wrong, such as the pipes under a sink needing re-fitting. Instead of asking how to repair, or helping us in anyway - in every situation where we have needed to speak to him, he has launched into a tirade of abuse - among which calling us lazy, wrong, and saying we have an "attitude problem."

He relies heavily on a builder called Vlad who built the flat - a builder so good that he fitted a shower so water runs through the ceiling, windows dont close, and damp collects around the house because he hasnt secured the outta roof layer. Sood is getting ripped off by this cowboy but instead of blaming the workman, he blames the tennants for pointing out obvious things in need of repair.

We have been nothing but nice to Mr Sood, he openly admits renting out properties is merely a "hobby" for him, I have not met someone so difficult and rude, making my flat mates (both ladies) cry, when I speak to him he suddly gets defensive - I assume because I am a man. After telling him we would leave the flat he has decided i am "rude and obnoxious" and has since text each housemate in turn asking if they can be there on a inspection visit before we leave because he is worried I would argue with him. Apart from anything the man is just very odd!

He has also managed to upset several neighbours, nobodt has a good story about him.

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