6 Kings Head Terrace, Norwich, NR9 5QE

Added 4th January 2017

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1. Avoid this landlord!

By sarahtoria - stayed here from 28th January 2016 to 1st January 2017

We moved here from another county last year.
We were assured by the agents that the landlord wanted long term tenants and with my oldest daughter starting school we settled here.
The house is in nice condition in places but is old and so has black damp all over the bathroom and bedroom. The landlord is very slow and didn't respond to messages from the agent about it and blocked drains.
Aside from this we were happy here, always paid the rent on time and rated excellent on inspections.
We started making friends in the village and my daughter was doing brilliantly at school.
The tenancy was due for renewal in January and the agent emailed me in November and told me the landlord wished to renew for a further 12 months. I agreed verbally and a date was set for me to pay the extra £120 for the new tenancy.
On 23rd December we suddenly received a Section 21 eviction notice. Even the agent didn't know why and tried to negotiate with the landlord to no avail. We even tried to negotiate to fix the damp ourselves to try and change his mind.
The landlord has since advertised the property on Rightmove with an increased price of £75 per month (no offer for us to stay with increased rent was made and our offer to pay more was declined)
I am a single mother to two children, miles away from family and friends and suddenly in the position to try and get a new house to live in. This landlord threw out his sister before us as we were told.
Avoid avoid avoid!!

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